5 tips for introverts in a networking meeting

If you’re introverted and find networking meetings scary and intimidating, don’t panic! Doing efficient networking can be stressful, and sometimes there’s no clue where to start. In this article, we want to share 5 excellent tips you can practice in any networking event.


  1. Don’t assume that being an introvert is a disadvantage.

You may not be talkative, but you can take advantage of being a good listener. Sometimes is better to listen, process that information and deliver the best answer. Take a moment, reflect, and make the best statement to engage your interlocutor.

  1. Have a structured plan to start a conversation.

Do your research! Watch and reach some news, read about current topics, and prepare your strengths and professional background. A plan to start and continue with a conversation is vital to gain confidence and achieving desirable outcomes.

  1. You’re valuable and exciting.

You are interesting! Sometimes we believe that we don’t have anything to share, that our job is not the best and we feel insecure about talking about ourselves. That’s a lie! Prepare a plan to discuss your professional experience, educational background, projects, and achievements.

  1. Bring someone you know to the meeting.

Bringing a friend or a colleague to a networking business is an opportunity to be more extroverted and act with security. Moreover, having someone who can support you in difficult situations will give you the strength to move on and continue experiencing the venue.

  1. Always keep your energy up.

Whatever happens, always keep your energy up. Remember the principal goal for which you’re doing networking. Be brave, act with confidence and achieve your professional objectives.


Embrace yourself and try to implement these tips in your next networking encounter!


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