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February was an exciting month for our Curry Clubs. Different business professionals from London, Milton Keynes and Manchester gather to enjoy a tasteful curry and experience the Curry Clubs environment. Our commitment is strong when we deliver the best networking venue in the UK.

The 9th and 16th of February were the elected dates to organise the meetings. At the Curry Clubs, we want to deliver more than just a curry and a drink with colleagues; it’s a friendly, structured, and relaxed networking experience which provides the opportunity for you to connect with other business professionals. We are keen on gathering new challenges together!

In this opportunity, professionals from different sectors attended the clubs: accountability, legal services, project management, architectural projects, banking, construction, business services, solicitors, etc. The variety of sectors creates interesting environments where different mindsets, professional backgrounds, experiences, and organisations join to chat, share their expectations, and start new projects.

“I’ve come to the Curry Clubs many times before and I think it’s fantastic for me and my business; meeting new people from different professions, the vibe of the working event is structured but also very relaxed, you have the chance to meet everyone. It’s helping me grow my business exponentially” – Sam Hartley, True Potential Wealth Management, Manchester Curry Club

We want to thank the constant support of our premium sponsors: Pinders and RWK Goodman in London; Aitchison Raffety, COS Bookkeeping, EK Williams, Key Control Services and Ralli Solicitors LLP in Manchester; and Pinders in Milton Keynes. These organisations help us deliver the best networking option in the UK.

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Creating lasting business connections.

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