Women in business, everyone’s commitment

Historically, women have to face challenges and obstacles in their path to develop and achieve their personal and professional goals. Several times, women have been relegated from business and academic environments, enhancing Machism and inequality that develop a hostile scenario for woman’s development. Considering International Women’s Day, we want to reflect on the importance of creating safe environments for women to establish themselves as professionals. For that, we encourage society to keep pushing forward to build a better community where women feel safe and find the possibility to create all their potential in their talent.


Why is it important to highlight women in business?

From inequality promotions to inconsistent flexibility and lack of opportunities, women must deal with problems that men probably need to be aware of.  According to Forbes (2023), women are still struggling with confidence and doubting their talent in workplaces. A solution? Empower women and create equal rules for all. Encouraging people to commit and take action in daily life activities is a way to facilitate changes.

International Women’s Day is a wake-up call to change, commit, and plan solutions for equity and equality. Especially when the interactions in workplaces and business environments can be aggressive, women keep building their way to prove that they can.

From the Curry Clubs, we aim to build a safe environment where women can develop their professional skills and grow in business environments. We are glad to provide a meeting that cares about professional and personal growth, connecting people regardless of gender and thoughts.



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