3 ways to leverage business relationships

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Your professional network is always the best ally to get more business and projects on board. Maintaining good and solid business connections is an everyday task deploying innovative strategies that benefit both sides. Being a business professional allows people to create business connections that are useful for the nearest future, expand the reach of their sector or industry and create new opportunities.

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This article will discuss 3 innovative ways to leverage business relationships and take that further step into new projects.


1.      A balance between offline and online


Digital platforms and social media are powerful resources that we must use in our favour. Concerning business connections and relationships, platforms like LinkedIn and online networking meetings are beneficial to strengthen our professional profile. Therefore, creating an attractive profile that engages new contacts and potential clients is a convenient tool to enhance current and future relationships. One great tactic is to create a database with all the contact details of your contacts, share with them upcoming events or interesting news, and message them in a friendly and professional approach.


At the same time, face-to-face networking meetings will always be the king to connecting, meeting and creating lasting connections. Nothing better than a structured, focused and friendly environment to chat and meet alike professionals. In a face-to-face meeting, you can collect information about new industries, new businesses, companies, and careers and even check how businesses are being run in your city.


From this step onwards, you just need to book an appointment, send an email and carry on with your future project.


2.      Valuable content


We all receive emails and notifications of new content, such as interviews, news, promotions, deals, etc. Most of the time, professionals delete these emails because they don’t address new opportunities. Hence, one of the most effective ways to leverage your business relationships is to create and share content (on social media and in offline meetings) that wakes up an interest in you and your business. Likewise, this content must be surrounded by other strategies that can be developed simultaneously.


In online scenarios, creating content for social media is an effective strategy to keep your presence updated. It is very common to go online after a meeting, google the attendees, and even try to find them on social media, as well as happens with brands, we feel more confident when someone has posted recently and is active on social platforms. Even more, we try to reach pieces of content and look at the value they add.


Regardless of the environment that you choose to strengthen your business relationships, try to create the best first impression and enhance your value as a professional and what else you can bring to the table.


3.      Diversity is key and trending


In recent years we have seen how diversity has influenced business decisions and has created a rainbow of new opportunities to build lasting relationships. Most of the time we believe it is only important to gather information from the companies we already know or new companies in the same industry. It is not often to look outside the box and our comfort zone and check how other businesses and industries deal with their issues or even check marketing strategies.


The key to diversity applies to companies and sectors and includes people from all backgrounds, careers and personal experiences. It is magical and interesting to listen to a colleague and know how much this person can take to the table, targeting the business goals.


Furthermore, diversity in all its forms has become trending and applicable to all companies. Nowadays, businesses consider diversity a good asset to create and expand relationships outside their comfort zones.


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