An excellent launch for the South Manchester Curry Club!

An excellent launch for the South Manchester Curry Club!

What an incredible start!

Networking meetings will never be the same in South Manchester. Last Thursday, 14th September, The Curry Clubs arrived at Hale to run the South Manchester Curry Club, a new experience in business networking in a friendly environment. The venue selected was the famous GupShup, one of the best Indian restaurants in Hale that delighted the attendees with distinctive Indian flavours.


Business professionals from nationwide and local companies attended the venue to share and create connections to enhance their businesses. Many patron attendees have been coming to the Curry Clubs all over the UK in London, Manchester City Centre, Milton Keynes, Kent and South Manchester for years. In this opportunity, companies from different industries participated in this first gathering. From financial advisors to marketing consulting, 22 business professionals attended the South Manchester meeting who are part of the following companies that have joined our club: DBL Asset Management LLP, Now Financial Planning, Penelope Silver, Holler Communications, Blackstone Solicitors, Rockstart Spirits, Truity Wealth Management Ltd, Lund Bennett Law, Glossy Magazine, Holt Business Solutions Ltd, Vitality Health, New Level Results, Aitchison Raffety, One London Rd, and UK Website Workshop.

The Curry Clubs believe in teamwork and thankfully appreciate the support of Glossy Magazine and Salim Uddin-Khandakar in running and promoting this first meeting. As a team, The Curry Clubs will still run collaborative events and be supported by alliances with sponsors.


Why attend to The Curry Clubs?

For more than 30 years, The Curry Clubs have been delivering high-standard networking meetings to bring professionals together, believing in the power of networking to enhance professional growth and create a community of people who enjoy networking and curry lunch in a friendly and productive environment.

The Curry Clubs aim to create a productive and efficient networking environment where business professionals have the opportunity to exchange and share experiences, create worthy and lasting connections and meet potential clients. Our meetings are unique and different because of the friendly and relaxed structure we promote.

Click here for our next South Manchester Curry Club on the 9th November 2023.

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