More than 80 rugby fans reunited at the Curry Clubs!

What an incredible meeting!


Last Thursday, 21st  September, The Curry Clubs arrived in London to run the special Rugby Curry Club, celebrating the Rugby World Cup France 2023, a new networking experience that combines rugby, curry and the love for business networking. The venue selected was the well-known Cinnamon Kitchen at Devon Square, one of the best Indian restaurants in London that merges traditional flavours with an innovative and premium menu. This event was hosted by the Sky Sports famous TV presenter, Pete Graves, and the memorable speech of renowned rugby referee, Nigel Owens.

Business professionals from the top companies in London and the UK attended the venue to share and create connections to enhance their businesses while enjoying the best curry meal, a live auction and collaborative games like heads and tails. In this opportunity, companies from different industries participated in this special gathering. From financial advisors to marketing consulting, the business professionals who attended the Rugby Curry Club meeting are part of the following companies: Hilco Valuation Services, HSBC, RWK Goodman, RCK Partners, Towergate Insurance Brokers, Dufeu IT Solutions Ltd, Dragonfly Tech, Forcia Limited, Quantuma Advisory Ltd, Marsh, Central FX and LM-cleaning.


The Curry Clubs believe in teamwork and thankfully appreciate the support of Pete Graves for his fantastic hosting, Gary Taylor from the British Sports Museum for the incredible prices at the auction; and Nigel Owens for sharing with us personal and professional anecdotes that scaled in our hearts. Finally, The Cinnamon Kitchen for its fantastic service, overwhelming cuisine, and incredible venue. As a team, The Curry Clubs will still run collaborative events and be supported by alliances with sponsors and clients.

Why attend to The Curry Clubs?


For more than 30 years, The Curry Clubs have been delivering high-standard networking meetings to bring professionals together, believing in the power of networking to enhance professional growth and create a community of people who enjoy networking and curry lunch in a friendly and productive environment.


The Curry Clubs aim to create a productive and efficient networking environment where business professionals can exchange and share experiences, create worthy and lasting connections and meet potential clients. Our meetings are unique and different because of the friendly and relaxed structure we promote.


We are happy to announce more sporting events aiming to create friendly and collaborative spaces for business networking while enjoying the best cuisine in the city. Don’t miss out on our upcoming networking meetings.


22nd February 2024

Six Nations Curry Club Lunch

Cinnamon Kitchen from 12pm to 4pm

Guest Speaker: Phil Greening.

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8th March 2024

Rugby Curry and Beer – Networking and Lunch with Rugby Legends

Twickenham from 4pm to late.

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21st March 2024

Football Curry and Beer – Networking and Lunch

Cinnamon Kitchen from 12pm to 4pm

Guest Speaker: Ray Parlour.

Hosted by Pete Graves.

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