Our Industries Experiences

Are you looking to add an extra level of luxury to your events? The Curry Club is excited to bring ‘Lifestyle Experiences’ on board to our offering. 
Fancy going to the biggest Red Carpet events? Or trying unique experiences like exploring the Vatican City? Get in touch today to see what touch of luxury we can offer your next event.

Red Carpet Shows

We can provide exclusive access to catwalk shows and industry events at all of the 'Big Four' global Fashion Weeks. Why not try the Academy Awards, or OSCARs? They're quite simply one of the biggest events on the planet, let alonethe realm of showbiz! An OSCAR can be career defining, and so all the focus is on LA throughout OSCARs weekend.

Unique Experiences

This particular experience brings a whole new definition to the words unique and exclusive. We offer a range of experiences, such as exploring the Vatican City, playing world famous golf course Augusta, creating your own Louboutins or swimming with orcas. You think it, we'll arrange it.

Music & The Arts

Fancy going to The Bayreuth Festival? Held yearly in Bavaria, the festival is an annual celebration of works by iconic composer Richard Wagner, and is one of the most over-subscribed and n-demand events in the world. Or how about Coachella 2021? We can provide various tickets to future concert dates that will make your event the most sought after gathering.


Offer your audience a once in a lifetime sporting experience. We can provide tickets to The Super Bowl, The US Open, Royal Ascot, the Monaco Grand Prix and much more.


Want Something Extra?